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The editorial production is an important form of dissemination of knowledge to share analysis and research on innovation and development of the main topics of vocational training.

ILO/Cinterfor testifies, through its books, publications, manuals and notes, the evolution of vocational training in America and the world.

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Axmann, Michael; Jaik, Katharina
This publication aim is to provide a starting point for a transformation process in the VET systems in LAC, to offer attractive educational solutions for different groups of young people and to lay a solid foundation for developing future skilled workforce that meets the...
Ampliando el mundo virtual en la formación profesional. Potencialidad de la tecnología “blockchain” en la certificación de competencias. OIT/Cinterfor Notas Nº 9 - 2020
Vargas Zúñiga, Fernando
Blockchain technology is increasingly finding applications in the world of work and vocational training.For example, the World Bank is looking at four global trends influencing education: the use of neuroscience to better understand learners to improve learning design; MOOCs - massive...
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Vargas Zúñiga, Fernando; González Ávila, Liliana
The Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training of the International Labour Organization (ILO/Cinterfor) submits this analytical inventory exercise on qualifications frameworks in Latin American countries; namely: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia,...
Cinterfor 2020 Report: A year of challenges and lessons learned
This report, prepared by ILO/Cinterfor´s team, gives an account of all the activities that the Center implemented in 2020 with the aim of reinforcing its role in promoting vocational training innovations.Before the pandemic, the Center already had innovations in place that allowed it to...
The VCs were the main driving force guiding cooperation between VTIs at this time. Two channels were used: Zoom and Facebook live.Twelve VCs were held between 26 March and 25 June; the final one closed the series.They had audiences of between 150 and 200 people per...
The COVID-19 pandemic will have severe and prolonged effects on the economy and employment worldwide, affecting incomes and the well-being of millions of people.The ILO estimates that 25 million people around the world could lose their jobs, while for Latin America and the Caribbean...
Updating jobs and sectoral development: towards a quality approach based on social dialogue. ILO/Cinterfor Notes, 7
Proyecto CETFOR - OIT/Cinterfor
For seven years, the ILO, through its Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training (ILO/ Cinterfor) and together with its social stakeholders, has been developing a set of methodologies and sectoral outputs with a view to updating occupational structures, and job...
This report contains the main exchanges and conclusions of the videoconference organized by ILO / Cinterfor on Thursday, March 26 to address the issue of vocational training and the Covid-19 crisis. It is the first of a series of videoconferences that have been planned as a tool to...
Juanche, Ana
This issue of ILO/Cinterfor Notes reflects on the role of vocational training in the rehabilitation processes of persons deprived of liberty, through the following elements: a) the synthesis of the main theoretical and methodological guidelines associated...
Report presented by the ILO/Cinterfor's Director to the 44th Technical Commission  Meeting of ILO/Cinterfor, held in August 2019 in Montevideo, Uruguay.