Practical guidelines for the use of Big Data and identification of labor gaps.

One of the main drivers for the economic and social development of a territory is its human capital, the importance of monitoring data and administrative records to diagnose the problems that affect labor dynamics, such as the barriers that prevent having high competitiveness, productivity and employability factors; leads to the need for methodologies and practical guidelines that allow to measure in an agile way the skills gaps, and to identify critical occupations to create actions and policies that allow their closure.

This document seeks to provide practical guidelines to facilitate the understanding, monitoring and application of massive data analysis techniques (Big Data) to enable informed decision making to implement policies for the analysis, measurement and closing of human talent gaps.

The report has been prepared by Yesica Fernandez, ILO/Cinterfor Consultant with the support and guidance of Fernando Vargas, ILO/Cinterfor Senior Specialist.

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