Big Data for labour market intelligence. An introductory guide

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This paper discusses the benefits, potential, limitations, methodological and technical challenges, and research issues as well as real-life projects and case studies related to the use of Big Data for labour market information (LMI).

The document introduce the matter by discussing the role of Big Data in the labour market context, and surveying the recent state of the art of LMI. Then, discusses some technical aspects needed to incorporate Big Data analytics into LMI. Examples along with recent applications and projects (both within and outside the EU) are provided, discussing goals, data and sources used, results achieved, and open and challenging issues for each project reported. Finally, its summarise a set of recommendations and steps for the European Training Foundation (ETF) and its partner countries, and provide some ideas for projects that emerged from the ETF conference ‘Skills for the future: Managing transition’ held in Turin in November 2018.

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