Videoconference: Sustainability and Green Transition in Dual Vocational Education and Training (VET)

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On 31 August, an outstanding conference was held under the title "Sustainability and Green Transition in Dual Education and Training", organised by the Alliance for Dual Training in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The main objective of this conference was to analyse the relationship between vocational training and sustainability, highlighting the importance of green transition in the labour market and public policies. It was highlighted that vocational training plays a fundamental role in the development of human and social capital, as well as in the promotion of skills and knowledge necessary to build more sustainable and economically environmentally friendly societies.

The thematic axes ranged from vocational education and training (dual) for green transformation and sustainability, forward-looking models for the labour market and the updating and creation of new professional profiles.

The panellists shared experiences and good practices with a special focus on the cases of Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil. In addition, the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and companies to train professionals trained in environmental aspects and promote responsible practices was highlighted.


  • Hanno Kress, team leader for bilateral cooperations at GOVET (German Office for International Cooperation in VET) BIBB.
  • Karla Astorga Castro, teacher of the Subsector Environmental Management, Núcleo Tecnología de Materiales; INA/Costa Rica.
  • Hugo Nicolás Pérez González, Academic Secretary; CONALEP/Mexico.
  • Marcello José Pio, Specialist in Industrial Development. National Observatory of Industry; SENAI/Brazil.
  • Fernando Vargas; Senior Specialist in Vocational Training, ILO/Cinterfor.

This conference represented a valuable space for discussion and exchange of ideas on how dual education and training can contribute significantly to a more sustainable world of work aligned with global environmental challenges.Esta conferencia representó un valioso espacio de discusión e intercambio de ideas sobre cómo la educación y la formación dual pueden contribuir significativamente a un mundo laboral más sostenible y alineado con los desafíos ambientales globales.