Final stage: the course on "Impact Assessment of vocational training" is about to end.

Since June 28, a course on "Impact Assessment of Vocational Training" has been developed with institutional teams, which seek to incorporate impact evaluation as a generator of information for decision making. The course is part of the ILO/Cinterfor's efforts to improve the levels of knowledge and capacities that allow institutions to improve their processes and achieve their goals.

The 43 participants, grouped in 11 teams, are presenting their analysis projects as part of the final stage of the course that will close on August 20, 2021. The participating institutions are:

  • Infocal (Bolivia)
  • INA (Costa Rica)
  • MTESS (Paraguay) 
  • INFOP (Honduras) 
  • INTECAP (Guatemala) 
  • SENA (Colombia) 
  • MTPE (Perú) 
  • FUNDAE (Spain)
  • SENAC (Brazil) 
  • INSAFORP (El Salvador)
  • MTSS/INEFOP (Uruguay)