INFOP (Honduras) and ILO/Cinterfor sign a cooperation agreement

Firma de acuerdo INFOP - OIT/Cinterfor 2020

3 December 2020

The Honduras National Institute for Vocational Training (INFOP, for its acronym in Spanish) and the Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training of the International Labour Organization (ILO/Cinterfor) signed today an agreement with the aim of building up partnerships with a view to developing and implementing training activities and exchanging experiences. They also aim at exchanging and transferring information in areas related to vocational training, training methodologies, training of trainers, labour skills, entrepreneurship, business management and related topics. 

The agreement, signed by the Executive Director of INFOP, Roberto Cardona, and the Director of ILO/Cinterfor, Anne C. Posthuma, renews INFOP's commitment to the network of vocational training institutions that are members of Cinterfor, marking the continuity of a relationship of mutual cooperation.

INFOP is the leading institution for vocational training policies aimed at the economic and social development of the country and for all sectors of the economy, providing Hondurans with an option for education, training and certification to meet the challenges of modern society. Its fundamental objective is to contribute to the increase of national productivity and the economic and social development of the country through occupational training that responds to the establishment of a national vocational training system for all sectors of the economy and for all levels of employment, in accordance with national economic and social development plans and the real needs of the country.

ILO/Cinterfor is the specialized centre for vocational training of the International Labour Organization and is mandated to develop a permanent learning and horizontal cooperation community among national vocational training agencies, with the aim of disseminating knowledge, experience and good practice in human resource training and development. The learning, knowledge sharing and institutional capacity building activities and programmes of ILO/Cinterfor, aimed at governments, vocational training institutes, workers' and employers' organizations and other development partners, are based on innovative ideas, best practices and comparative experiences in the areas of human resources development and training.