Prospective studies

Occupational and technological prospective is based on the observation of the labour market and the analysis of social, economic and technological trends in order to assess vocational training needs and ensure that they are tailored to employment.

In fulfillment of its mission of developing a permanent community of learning and South-South Cooperation and thanks to the collaboration among the network's VTIs; SENAI and ILO/Cinterfor transferred the SENAI Prospective Model to several institutions.

In this site we share several studies that were produced during these processes,. In addition, others have been added that approach the subject from other perspectives.

Řihova, Hana
Guide to anticipating and matching skills and jobs. Volume 1This guide is a part of the ETF, ILO and Cedefop series of guides on skills anticipation and matching. All the guides follow a common structure, although they vary in level of detail, technical content and case studies. The ETF,...
Wilson, Rob ; Řihova, Hana; Tarjáni, Hajnalka
Guide to anticipating and matching skills and jobs. Volume 3This document is part of a wider set of guides developed jointly by Cedefop, the ETF, and the ILO. It sets out the advantages of following a sectoral approach. While the focus here is on presenting the case...

Región Europa

Project Documents.The effectiveness and efficiency of a national vocational education and training (VET) system depends, amongst others, on whether it provides its learners with the required skills now and in the future. These requirements have changed over the last decades and...