Study of occupational and skill needs in green building: final report

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • skills can be used strategically to overcome barriers to green building;
  • there is room for skills led green building development strategies to complement current demand led strategies;
  • social dialogue has an important role to play in the design and delivery of skills interventions for green building;
  • providers of education and training for the construction industries should prioritize green building;
  • there is a need for initiatives to target the informal construction sector and migrant construction workers for green building skills development;
  • there is a need for all green building initiatives to have a skills component;
  • there is a need for substantial numbers of people with skills in building energy assessment and in providing advice on building energy efficiency;
  • there is a need for a range of initiatives to increase the supply of trainers;
  • there is a need for innovation in training delivery; and
  • there is a need to ensure that employees of small construction businesses and independent contract workers have access to training in green building.

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