Videoconference 14/06: The future of certification

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The third session of the videoconference series on certification systems was held on 14 June.

As in other aspects of training and skills development, new technologies are impacting the recognition of prior learning and certification. An important accelerator was the COVID-19 pandemic when the use of digital technologies in training spread rapidly and some experiences of online assessment became known.

In this videoconference, Anastasia Pouliou, CEDEFOP's Qualifications and Credentials Expert, presented CEDEFOP's research on micro-certifications, which sought to better understand how and in what way European countries understand the concept of micro-certifications and what is happening in terms of vocational training and apprenticeships.

The presentation addressed:

  • A mapping of micro-credentials in education, training and apprenticeships related to the labour market in Europe.
  • Micro-credentials and qualification systems.
  • Micro-credentials and the added value for end-users.

The facilitation was carried out by Fernando Vargas and Ximena Iannino.