Quality apprenticeship toolkit. A practical perspective for Latin America and the Caribbean

Quality apprenticeships help match the demand for skills by employers with the supply of skilled workers in labour markets and educational and training systems. The design, implementation and evaluation of quality apprenticeship systems require collective efforts by governments and their various agencies, by social partners such as employers’ associations and unions, and by training providers.

ILO/Cinterfor promotes “Quality Apprenticeships” as a priority, not only because QAs can help young people to move on towards decent jobs, but also because they help companies to find the workers they need, while at the same time improving productivity and competitiveness. As a centre and a "think-tank" for education and vocational training in LAC, Cinterfor undertakes to advise its member institutions on policy issues related to quality apprenticeships in the region, as well as to provide technical assistance for quality apprenticeship capacity-building in countries, regions and industries.

This publication aims to provide practical advice to ILO/Cinterfor members and other stakeholders in educational and vocational training on design, implementation and evaluation of quality apprenticeships.  It includes both a technical and theoretical approach, as well as practical experiences and tools for professionals.​

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