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Dr. Anne Caroline Posthuma
Director ILO/Cinterfor
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Dr. Anne Caroline Posthuma has worked for the ILO for more than 22 years, both in Geneva and in Latin America. In 1998 she joined the Multidisciplinary Team in Santiago de Chile as a Specialist in Training and Productivity Policies. She then worked in Geneva for 10 years as a Small Business Development Specialist, Coordinator of the Global Programme for Local Economic Development (LED), and later as Senior Researcher on Globalization and Decent Work at the International Institute for Labour Studies. She acted as Senior Specialist for Employment Policies and Labour Market at the ILO Office in Brazil between 2012 and 2020.
Her experience ranges from the production of research, analysis, tools and courses, to policy recommendations and technical cooperation activities in the areas of vocational training and employment policies, youth employment, quality apprenticeships, informality, global supply chains and sectoral trends. She has collaborated across different departments and sectors of the ILO, including the Turin Centre and Cinterfor.

She received her B.A. degree at Stanford University, she received her Master's and PhD with a focus on industrial development and labour from the University of Sussex. Before joining the ILO, she worked as a consultant for regional and international organizations, including the IDB, ECLAC, UNCTAD, UNU-INTECH and the Regional Employment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean of the ILO (OIT/PREALC).

Her objective is to promote the leadership of Cinterfor as a centre for innovation in the design, development, application and evaluation of vocational training, including the digitalization of technical and vocational training in cooperation with its network of vocational training institutions throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal and Cabo Verde and ILO Constituents, in the face of changes in the future of work, as well as the post-Covid-19 recovery and productive restructuring.

Published documents, research and articles.

Technical Team

Fernando Vargas
Vocational Training and Human Resources Development 
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Michael Axmann
Especialista Senior de Empresas, Productividad y Formación Profesional

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National Officers

Gonzalo Graña
Oficial Nacional de Diálogo Social y Formación Profesional
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Rodrigo Filgueira
Oficial Nacional de Tecnologías Aplicadas a la Formación
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Lorena Llana
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Programming Services Unit

Fernando Casanova
Programme Officer
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Paula Parrella
Programme Assistant
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Finance, Personnel and Administration Unit

Laura García
Finance, Administration and Human Resources Officer 
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Javier Mingroni
Finance, Personnel and Administration Assistant
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Micaela Calvino
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Communication and Information Management Unit

Alvaro Laurino
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Anaclara Matosas
Communication and Information Management Assistant 
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Proyecto CETFOR

Ximena Iannino
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Pilar Burqueño
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