Final report. 44th TCM. August, 2019

The ILO/Cinterfor Technical Committee Meeting is the most significant event on vocational training in Latin America and the Caribbean. At this forum, representatives of national agencies specializing in training and developing the human resources of ILO member States, as well as representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations appointed to the ILO Governing Body by both groups, carry out two main activities. First, they consider the report submitted by the ILO/Cinterfor director, including a report on the activities implemented during the past biennium, matters relating to the Centre’s human and financial resources, and a Work Plan proposal for the forthcoming two-year period. Second, they address and debate current issues concerning training, they share experiences and they propose cooperative activities. The latter activities were designated as “International Summit: Vocational Training for Sustainable Development”. These meetings take place twice a year. 

From 6 to 8 August 2019, the representatives of governments and vocational training and education institutions, and of workers’ and employers’ sectors, and the ILO/Cinterfor technical team met in Montevideo in order to share ideas on the future of vocational training for sustainable development. The event was sponsored by Uruguay’s Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the National Institute for Employment and Vocational Training, with the support of “Uruguay Natural”.

It was attended by 265 persons and representatives of 41 member institutions of the ILO/ Cinterfor Network, from 23 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal and Cape Verde.

Below, we provide a summary of the speeches and exchanges that took place during the discussions at the 44th ILO/Cinterfor Technical Committee Meeting.

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