Skills anticipation: the Transfer of the SENAI Prospective Model. An outlook

In Latin America and the Caribbean, VTIs have always made efforts to obtain updated information about the demands that the world of work makes on training. The speed of change affecting occupations and work organization has increased the risk of obsolescence for programmes and, therefore, for workers’ skills.

In answer to this need, Brazil’s SENAI developed a method to anticipate change and generate transformation responses in existing training programmes or in new programmes being devised. This method is based on the prospective analysis of technological and occupational trends within a specific occupational sector, with the purpose of pinpointing training demands and ensuring that they are in line with the programmes being offered.

The aim of ILO/Cinterfor in this publication is to summarize the three components of the process. One is a recent analysis of the principal trends observed in the world of work and in Latin America’s economic situation, prepared by the Centre’s team. The second is an updated methodological summary of the foresight model, prepared by SENAI, and the third is a summary of VTIs, sectors and studies.


Vargas Zúñiga, Fernando
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