Training and productivity. SYMAPRO Guide: participate - learn - innovate - improve.

The SYMAPRO GUIDE (System for Integrated Measurement and Improvement of Productivity) is a participative proposal for knowledge management in organizations. The SYMAPRO helps the organization to generate a system that connects training with productivity in a way that is holistic, permanent and inclusive. It involves focalising training in accordance with “the three Rs”: the situation that requires it, the time it is required and the personnel that require it. To achieve this, the system employs a measurement tool and a feedback mechanism. Staff in different positions in the organization, including senior management, middle management and operational personnel, participate in both these tasks. In this way the SYMAPRO becomes a participative tool to manage changes in the organization oriented to economic profitability and social and environmental sustainability, objectives that are derived from decent work and enterprise social responsibility policies. This Guide is not a rigid instrument. It allows the user to adapt the SYMAPRO to the context and characteristics of the organization that wishes to implant it. Nor is this Guide a prescription. The user studies the organization and adapts the SYMAPRO so it can play an effective role in the management of productivity and working conditions. This is a trial and error process that involves leaning and continual improvement. This Guide is a proposal under construction. It is the product of the systematic application of accumulated experience, and it can certainly be supplemented and deepened. With this in view, readers are invited to generate and implement innovations in the system described here.

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