Quality, relevance and equity. An integrated approach to vocational training

Amongst the different forms of education and learning, vocational training is the one wich is most closely linked to the world of work and production. This has led to increasingly consider vocational training and human resources development as a strategic component of both economic policies -as a result of its impact on labour productivity and the competitiveness of firms - and social policies, due to its key role in the measures taken to attain the objectives of Decent Work, increased employability and struggle against exclusion from the labour markets. The set of expectations placed on vocational training has made it subject to a complex array of challenges and tensions which in turn have stimulated it to make constant efforts to change and adapt its conceptual assumptions and its methodologies, as well as its institutions. This publication is an attempt to synthesize the objectives, guiding principles and current challenges to vocational training, placing emphasis on the adoption of an approach that simultaneously integrates quality, relevance and equity.

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