A training policy model for enhancing employability and gender equity: The Formujer Programme

The purpose of the FORMUJER Programme (Programme to Strengthen Technical and Vocational Training of Low Income Women in Latin America) is to promote and strengthen the capacities of the institutions of the region to design and implement policies intended to improve the quality, relevance and equity of training for work and increase the employability of women and men, paying special attention to the training and labour insertion needs of low income women.

To achieve its objectives, FORMUJER has developed a model for intervention –to which this volume is devoted– that makes an objective in itself of the systematisation, spreading and transfer of the developments, results and lessons learned, that become specific products, among which the FORMUJER publications are included.

The purposes of this document are:

  • supplement the conceptual, methodological and strategic rationale of the proposed model of intervention, articulating it with the Conceptual and teaching materials Series;
  • present its design and structure;
  • analyse the process of implementation of the model proposed and the Programme, going further into depth regarding the different strategies applied in each country;
  • outline the main results of execution up to mid-2003, in overall terms and, basically, in qualitative terms;
  • share, responding to the conviction that gave rise to and guided both its design and its action, the reflections and learning that have been gathered over the five years of execution.

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