38th Technical Committee Meeting

Training for productivity, employment and development
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Cartagena de Indias
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National Training Service - SENA
The 38th meeting of the Technical Committee of ILO/Cinterfor, convened by the Director General of the International Labour Office (ILO), took place in Cartagena de Indias, from 19 to 21 June 2007, at the invitation of the National Training Service (SENA) from Colombia. 

The meeting was attended by 112 participants from 23 countries of the American Region and Spain, among whom were representatives of ministries of labour and education; managers, senior officials and members of the board of directors of vocational training institutions; representatives of employers' and workers' organizations, ILO officials and representatives of international organizations and international technical cooperation agencies; national and international observers. Several national representations were integrated by a tripartite delegation.

The 38th. Meeting of the Technical Committee gave continuity to the practice of previous meetings taking advantage of the presence of the highest authorities of the vocational training to analyze and discuss current affairs and present and future significance. The development of the meeting included the review of the activities carried out in the previous biennium, the proposal of the Strategic Plan of ILO/Cinterfor as well as the analysis of the administrative and financial issues of the Centre. They were also included two relevant topics related to the vocational training work, such as: its relationship with productivity and the use of the information and communication technologies - ICT - in the development of skills and competencies. 

Two panels were organized for analysis and debate of issues associated with vocational training: the first was called "Vocational training, productivity, employment and development", which also served as preparation for the meeting of the International Labour Conference of the ILO in the year 2008. The second was titled "The use of ICT in vocational training" and included the presentation of experiences of ILO/Cinterfor training institutions and of the Turin Centre.
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