37th Technical Committee Meeting

Quality, relevance and equity in vocational training
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National Technical-Vocational Training Institute - INFOTEP
The 37th meeting of the Technical Committee of ILO/Cinterfor, convened by the Director General of the International Labour Office (ILO), took place in Santo Domingo, from 19 to 21 October 2005, according to the invitation of the National Technical-Vocational Training Institute (INFOTEP). The meeting counted on the co-sponsorship of this institution.

The meeting was attended by 98 participants from 23 countries of the American Region and Spain, among whom were representatives of ministries of labour and of education in the countries of the region; managers, senior officials and members of the board of directors of vocational training institutions; representatives of employers' and workers' organizations; ILO  officials and other international organizations; national and international observers. Several national representations were integrated by a tripartite delegation.

This meeting continued with the tradition of taking advantage of the bringing together of the highest authorities of the vocational training to analyze and discuss current affairs and of present and future significance. Topics relating to the review of the fulfilled activities in the preceding biennium, included for the next biennium (2006-2007) action plan was proposed and discussed administrative and financial issues of the Centre; relevant topics that are impacting the work of the vocational training, focused the interest of the participants were also included.

Consistent with the need to analyse and discuss central issues for training, were organized three panels: "recommendation 195 ILO: human resources development: education, training and lifelong learning"; "Quality, relevance and equity in vocational training" and "La productivity and the vocational training".
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