Discussion: Be Bold For Change — Inclusive Growth through Skills Development

Drawing inspiration from this year’s International Women’s Day, the Global Skills for Employment Knowledge Sharing Platform (Global KSP) will host an E-Discussion between 6 to 17 March to explore and share innovative programmes and good practices that can contribute to the building of a better working world for present and future development—especially for women and other disadvantaged groups.

The online discussion, to be moderated by ILO Skills and Employability Specialists Laura Brewer and Akiko Sakamoto and ILO’s Senior Specialist in Gender, Equality and Non-Discrimination Joni Simpson, provides an opportunity for specialists, practitioners and representatives from a range of institutions and enterprises around the world to share experiences, insights, stories, actions and initiatives that promote more inclusive growth through skills development. Some contributions may also eventually be featured in an ILO publication on the subject.

Recent technological developments will have major implications for skills development in the coming years. Often referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the current wave of technological advances will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to each other. Workers with limited education and training may be left behind and face bleak employment prospects in the future. Bold changes are needed to stimulate hope and drive for the inclusion of all individuals in this new landscape.

Join the discussion and share your experiences, innovative programmes or initiatives that promote inclusion in skills development and training.

Week one questions include, among others:

1. How have education and training systems and institutions in developing and developed countries facilitated greater access to women?

2. What has worked in ensuring the inclusion of women in formal Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)?

3. How have targeted interventions helped disadvantaged groups to gain access to formal education and training?

To participate: http://www.skillsforemployment.org/KSP/en/Discussions/WCMSTEST4_187093