The new ILO Recommendation 195. Human resources development: education, training and lifelong learning

Changes in the way of production and the market structures, technological innovation, new models of organization of work, changes in the roles and actions of the State regarding education and training, added to other macrosocial processes, make it imperative to rethink the objectives and action strategies of the social players in the field of education, vocational training and human resources development. The new ILO Recommendation 195 concerning human resources development: education, training and lifelong learning, constitutes a new and dynamic instrument that the Member States and social partners can easily use when formulating education and training objectives and policies, and which should and can as well be integrated into the general framework of economic and social policies. This publication was produced mainly with objectives of dissemination and promotion. To spread and encourage the application of the contents of Recommendation 195, this book aims at developing its explicit and implicit conceptual contributions, thus favoring the understanding of the scope of its innovations. It also seeks to acknowledge the innovate and pioneering character of the Latin American and Caribbean vocational training institutions, through the description of their actions in each one of the thematic sections of this new Recommendation.

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