Learning and teaching in the Internet age. Distance learning and new technologies for vocational training

The book has been structured in the following way: The first part begins by placing the objective of this work in the intersection between vocational training, distance learning and “new technologies” (in which the distance is not such and the newest technologies are combined with old ones). The second part contains mainly methodological suggestions for the development of distance learning courses with NICTs. It starts by describing the general design, from the initial decision of setting up a course to the curriculum, by articulating the above-mentioned dimensions: regarding the subject, pedagogical, communicational and technological features. Two general issues are discussed in the third part: the estimation of costs in order to achieve better results in the budgeting of courses as well as in the corresponding political decisions. And some ideas for making decisions at initial stages and while developing distance training programmes with NICTs such as the location in the institution and the pace of development.

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