International Seminar: Skills mismatch and anticipation of skills needs. Methodologies and experiences


From 21 to 22 November, 2017, will be held the International Seminar: Anticipation of skills needs. Methodologies and experiences. Current situation and outlook, organized by the Ministry of Labour, the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA) from Colombia with the technical support of ILO/Cinterfor.


  • To broaden the knowledge base and practical experiences bank on methodologies and prospective and training demand anticipation tools.
  • To share an outlook of the use of training demand anticipation methodologies in training institutions.
  • To create a plan of action to advance and build capacities in the prospective studies network that was formed in 2012.


Access to photographs

Valentina Stoevska - STATS/ILO: Skills mismatch. Concepts and measurement. Valentina Stoevska. ILO’s Statistics Department from headquarters in Geneva. Multimedia presentation (download zip)

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