Belize National Youth Apprenticeship Programme - Review. 28 May - June 1, 2018

About eight years ago, the Belize National Youth Apprenticeship programme was started in Belize City with the aim to reduce crime, through its focus on the development, education and employment of at-risk youth.

Under the administration of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, hundreds of high school drop-outs and single mothers between the ages of sixteen and twenty-nine have benefited.

But just how effective is the programme and is it reaching it targets ? Two specialists from the International Labour Organisation (ILO): Hassan Ndahi, Senior Specialist, ILO, Caribbean and Michael Axmann, Senior Specialist, ILO/CINTERFOR, Uruguay; are in Belize to find out just that. They have been evaluating the “Youth Apprentice Program” all of this week. As a part of the visit, the specialists have met with the N.G.O. community, government reps, business community, educational institutions and youth who have completed and have dropped out of the programme.