Local Economic Development in post-crises situations: operational guide (LED). ILO

Local Economic Development in post-crises situations

This operational guide is the result of a joint effort between researchers and technical experts with a broad field experience in Local Economic Development (LED) around the world. It is based on practical experiences of managing rehabilitation and simulating economic recovery in post-crisis situations in many different countries, and seeks to incorporate cross-cultural and sub-regional experiences. The major objective of the guide is to illustrate why the LED is particularly effective in post-crisis situations and how to implement LED in practice.

The guide has been conceived as a tool and handbook for programme managers, staff, consultants and local development partners working on social and economic recovery and development interventions in post-crisis situations. Includes practical and theoretical sections, and both provide tools that may be used as a part of fieldwork activities, including: slides to explain the theory to the local stakeholders, checklists, best practice examples, etc. Is intended to be flexible enough so that it can be adapted to local circumstances and used at any point during the post-crisis recovery process and for any type of intervention, in isolation or in conjunction with others. This material has been developed by the area of work Local Economic Development (LED) of the Job Creation and Enterprise Development Department (EMP/ENTERPRISE).