Training, productivity and labour competencies in organisations: concepts, methodologies and experiences

The basic proposal of this study is to show that it is feasible and profitable to enhance the productivity and working conditions of organisations through the ongoing learning of their personnel. In the author´s viewpoint, training and productivity are strongly correlated concepts. Considering that productivity increments result from working more intelligently rather than harder, he reasons that the productivity of enterprises cannot increase without concomitant training of the workers they employ. Training is here envisaged in the overall perspective of the organisations, not as an isolate effort to educate individuals. It is related to approaches of knowledge management and organisational learning, wherein the concept of training is extended to the whole of the organisation. The study analyses forms and instruments for managing training that have made possible to influence productivity and working conditions in enterprises of Latin America and the Caribbean, quoting examples of concrete experiences with methodologies tried out in enterprises of the region, specially in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

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