Training for decent work

It may call the attention that decency and work will join together as a new compound, when, not so far, the expression "a working man" was synonym of a "a decent person". What has happened since then so as to be necessary , in the threshold of a new millennium, "create a paradigm of decent work"? The rapidly experienced changes in the last years in the economic, political and technological spheres appear not only to be extended to the social field, but, from some points of view, join to limit wok to as mere economic factor, forgetting its human dimension, as if work was some kind of virtual space distant from the daily realities that millions of people live in all the world´s societies, dominated by the insecurity, unemployment, exclusion and poverty. The call of alert of the ILO Director General, Juan Somavía, in his first Memory to the International Labour Conference (1999), poses the necessary assertion to endow the economic transformations of a strong ethic content, with the concepts of efficiency, productivity and flexibility, as a unique realistic strategy of growth. Vocational training is called to play a fundamental function in the confluence of the economic interest and the social imperative, but it is necessary to raise the awareness of all social actors towards the necessity to give back the human capital its complete value, so that one day the word work would not need adjectives anymore, but would in itself imply dignity, equity and liberty. However the attainment of decent work has been built as an ILO central objective, this book constitutes a sbstantuve contribution to the definition of the concept and to the promotion of the objective of decent work, from the point of view of the role that vocational training plays regarding ths matter.

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