39th Technical Committee Meeting

Vocational training, enterprise sustainability and decent work
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National Industrial Training Service - SENAI

This 39th meeting was held in a time of economic and social crisis that is affecting the whole world, and the consequences of the crisis include the loss of millions of jobs and the bankruptcy of many enterprises, particularly small ones. The outlook is bleak; unemployment is expected to continue to rise, poverty and informal employment will increase and there will be millions of young people trying to accede to the job market.

In this context, the action of the ILO and the institutions that share its postulates, like those in the ILO/Cinterfor orbit, takes on a transcendent value, and this is recognised in the "Global Jobs Pact" . This Pact puts forward 11 principles to promote recovery and development, and the first of these has to do with the need to give priority to protecting and increasing employment by means of sustainable enterprises. As regards training for work, the Pact advocates, "5) ...the promotion of equal access and opportunities for the development of labour competencies and participation in quality education and training activities, in the framework of preparation for recovery". The Global Jobs Pact lays special emphasis on training and vocational improvement and adaptation, not only for people who have jobs but also for the self-employed and it recognises the contribution that SMEs and micro-enterprises make to creating employment.

As stated above, the 39th ILO/Cinterfor TCM, was a valuable opportunity so that, from the perspective of vocational training, the participants learn about the most innovative practices through which their colleagues from other countries and continents, are responding to the challenges of the development of human resources and the sustainability of the enterprises in a crisis environment.


Knowledge Fair "Enterprise Developmenet and Vocational Training" 

Se llevó a cabo en el marco de la Reunión de la Comisión Técnica. Cada institución contó con un espacio para exhibición de folletos, publicaciones y otros materiales relativo a su accionar en el campo del desarrollo empresarial y la formación profesional.

Las instituciones de formación participantes interactuaron e intercambiaron experiencias, buenas prácticas, programas y productos didácticos. Como resultado, se realizaron contactos, se generaron actividades conjuntas y se firmaron varios convenios de cooperación horizontal.

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Cristina Sosa
Assistant to the ILO/Cinterfor Director
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