Skills Development International Conference 2016.

Which trends will skills development follow? How are countries overcoming obstacles, considering different realities? Don't miss this unique event: Skills Development International Conference 2016. 

The Conference will be held in Curitiba, Brazil, from 4th - 12th August 2016, will provide an opportunity for learning and experiencies exchange involving various institutions working in the areas of vocational training.

The main topics to be addressed through various opportunities for exchange are:

- Vocational training, competitiveness and innovation;

- Skills and social development;

- Strategic and operational management at vocational training institutions;

- Teaching and learning methodologies.

All the activities are going to be translated to Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The Skills Development International Conference 2016 is organized by the National Service of Industrial Apprenticeship - SENAI (Curitiba, Brazil), SENAI National Department (Brasília - Brazil) with the technical support of the Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training - ILO/CINTERFOR (Montevideo, Uruguay), the International Training Centre - ITC/ILO (Turin, Italy) and Unindústria - Corporate University - SESI - SENAI (Brasília - Brazil).

Deadline: Online pre-registration until May 13th 2016.

Further information is available online at:

Contact: Fernando Vargas Zúñiga, email: [email protected]

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