43rd. Technical Committee Meeting. ILO/Cinterfor

The ILO/Cinterfor Technical Committee Meeting is one of the most important events on vocational training in our region. It brings together representatives of national organizations specialized in training and human resources development in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Cape Verde. Throughout two days and a half will be discussing and reviewing the current issues of vocational training, exchanging experiences, and proposing new cooperation activities.

The 43rd. TCM will be held between 9-11 August in Costa Rica sponsored by the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje - INA. Its central theme is "The future of work and the challenges for vocational training", around which various panels and conversations will be organized.

  • The future of vocational training and its contribution to productive development
  • The future of work and the challenges for vocational training.
  • Vocational training, competitiveness and industrial development policies.
  • New skills and new jobs.
  • Developing 21st Century competencies though pedagogical innovation.
  • Quality apprenticeship for a better transition from education to work. 
  • Social dialogue: a look at the future of governance of VT systems.
  • Vocational training for inclusive development. 
  • Research and information systems for the continuous improvement of vocational training.
  • Vocational training and development cooperation.

The participation in this activity, is reserved for representatives of institutions, agencies, and entities linked to ILO/Cinterfor.

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