Programa Senac de Gratuidade - PSG (Gratuitous Training Programme) - SENAC. Brazil

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This programme aims to provide young people of low-income level with vocational training opportunities free of charge.

Población objetivo: 
  • Young people of low-income level looking for their first job.
  • People already incorporated in the world of work but wishing for further qualifications and professional growth.
  • Other Brazilians who need to generate income in order to set up their own business or work within the informal sector.

Resulting from an agreement between SENAC and the Federal Government, the PSG offers free vacancies in initial and continuing education (Young Apprentice and Training Courses) as well as middle-level technical professional training.

Students participating in the Programme are given free studying materials. In many units, they are also provided with financial support for food, uniforms and travel expenses. 

The PSG aims at trainees taking the greatest possible advantage of the courses provided, seeking to ease any obstacles that may impair the learning process.

In many cases it is necessary to expand the trainees’ previous knowledge for them to be able to follow the courses and not to lose motivation.

In order to make up for the lack of knowledge necessary for trainees’ performance and development, other elements have been incorporated into the courses. These are talks, campaigns, technical guided visits to enterprises and other extracurricular activities aimed at giving trainees a wider view and a suitable attitude on entering the labour market. In addition, trainees are provided with information on quality of life, health, environmental issues, civic rights and responsibilities, and even entrepreneurialism.


Factores clave: 
  • Internal: commitment of all the schools with quality standards in the execution of the programme.
  • External: good reception of SENAC trainees on the  enterprises.

SENAC has undertaken PSG on-going evaluation to ensure the success of the programme.


94 % of the people involved in the programme were satisfied. This demonstrates its seriousness and effectiveness. Moreover, the number of enrolments generally exceeds the number of vacancies – an indicator that the programme is regarded as a good educational option.

Also, the free educational opportunities have encouraged many students to continue studying with a view to take public service exams or go on to state colleges.


Data recorded:

  • Over 420,000 participants as from 2009.
  • The coverage was approximately 110,000 people in apprenticeship courses; over 100,000 in training courses and over 1,300 in further training.
  • As regards the technical courses: there were approximately 31,500 student registrations in technical training, approximately 2,600 registrations in technical qualification, and 257 in technical specialization.
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